Why is there an AI camera?

Love and pursuit of beauty are the common needs of everyone.

How much does it cost to have a set of high-quality photos? 588? 1099? 2099?

In addition to money, how many steps do you need to take a photo? Scheduling, makeup, styling, shooting, photo selection, retouching, photo submission...

Not only that, but many girls may also encounter scammers when they are dating, and their money and even their safety are not guaranteed.

So the members of the Yesber team decided to use AI to allow everyone to pursue beauty freely, quickly and safely, and have their own AI photographer.


What is Yesber AI Camera?

Yesber AI Camera is an AI camera that generates professional-quality blockbusters online. It has trendy, fashionable, interesting and fun style templates, allowing you to easily and quickly own a variety of photos, master the traffic password that detonates the circle of friends, and become a fashion in the social circle.


What can Yesber AI Camera do?

In Yesber AI Camera, you can have an exclusive digital avatar by uploading some of your own photos, and then choose your favorite photo template to get professional-looking portraits one by one.