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Why is there Yesber AI Camera

June 28, 2023

Love and pursuit of beauty are the common needs of everyone.

How much does it cost to have a set of high-quality photos? 588? 1088? 2088?

In addition to money, how many steps do you need to take a photo? Scheduling, makeup, styling, shooting, photo selection, retouching, photo submission...

Not only that, but many girls may also encounter scammers when they are dating, and their money and even their safety are not guaranteed.

So the members of the Yesber AI team decided to use AI to allow everyone to pursue beauty quickly, safely and free, and have their own AI photographer.

Of course, this is not a simple matter, especially we will never perfuse others with an effect that we are not satisfied with. So starting from February, we went through countless experiments and changed many methods, and finally completed version 1.0 of Yesber AI Camera half a month ago.